Conference Programme

The conference programme is being designed to promote and facilitate the surgical research profile in the UK.

The Provisional Programme

Meet Our Key Note Speakers

  • Prof Derek Alderson, Emeritus Professor of Surgery, University of Birmingham | President Elect, RCS
  • Prof Arnie Purushotham, Joint Director of King's Health Partners Comprehensive Cancer Centre | Joint Lead for Clinical Acadamic Group, Cancer
  • Prof Jane Blazeby, Professor of Surgery, Bristol
  • Ms Karen Nugent, Past President ACPGBI, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon
  • Prof Freddie Hamdy, Nuffield Professor of Surgery and Professor of Urology
  • Prof Gooitzen Van Dam Professor of Surgery, Netherlands

Sessions of Interest
• Neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer
• Rectal Cancer: Top down, bottom up, robotic, laproscopic  or open?
• Protons
• Magnetic resonance imaging in radiotherapy
• Clinical trials showcase• Complex anatomic surgery
• Translational research in lung cancer
• Working for a diagnosis of cancer: why is it important and how can we support it?
• Fluorence guided imaging and surgery
• Plenary Awards and Lectures

Session Type

Plenary lectures

These feature experts from the UK and overseas, invited by the Scientific Committee to give plenary lectures. All have been briefed to give talks that are accessible to a wider audience. Their talks may address a broad area of work, summarise their own research, or discuss an important area of policy relating to cancer. There are plenary lectures on each of the four days of the Conference

Each symposium comprises three talks from speakers of international standing around a broad theme. The aim is to consider one topic from three different angles, with a mix of disciplinary approaches. A symposium may cover basic, translational and clinical research, or it may reach into areas such as social and behavioural studies, as well as approaches to prevention. Symposia should help the audience see their own work within a broader context of studies beyond their own expertise.

Parallel sessions

These are more specialist sessions that mainly attract professionals in the areas on which they focus. On each day there will be at least one parallel session intended to be accessible to a lay audience, though professionals frequently attend these sessions too.

Workshops are organised on a demand-led basis and vary somewhat in format. Some are educational or commercially-led training sessions, while others debate a hot topic or discuss the availability of research resources such as biosamples or datasets. Workshops are intended to include more audience participation and are essentially discussion forums.

Clinical Trials Showcase

The Scientific Committee select abstracts on clinical trials from those that are submitted. Trials selected for presentation in the Clinical Trials Showcase are often practice-changing, of high quality and/ or are presenting new data.
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